Why Are Authors Not Appreciated Enough?


by Stella Archiyan


If you were asked to name an author, how long would it take you to name one? First of all, would you even be able to name an author at all? People today seem to not understand what authors contribute to our world. They’re a nobody in most people’s opinion. But why?

What sets apart the author of some inane gossip blog and the author of a powerful enriching novel? The author of the idiotic gossip blog somehow seems to be someone important and worth knowing while the author of that inspiring and touching novel somehow seems to be just another nobody. People always complain about how there isn’t enough time during the day, yet they find the time to do simpleminded things like read blogs about a celebrity’s half a million dollar wedding or read someone’s insipid and idiotic tweet and then retweeting that insipid and idiotic tweet. Society is hypocritical and it fails to realize this. It’s disappointing to see the world grow more unintelligent each day.

Authors do more than just write lovely novels. They enrich life. They give us new ideas, new thoughts, a new source of motivation. Then the question arises, Why are authors not appreciated enough?

The world has a gotten a lot more lazy and a lot more shallow. Technology and social media has also poisoned the world with its addictive qualities. Everyone wants to be a part of the new trend and they want to keep up with what’s regarded as conventional in our society/

People need to understand that authors contribute a great deal to our world. They are a somebody. Authors are not a waste of time or space and they are not overrated. Authors get people to think critically and they get people to imagine. Why read a stupid blog about some celebrity’s affair when you can instead read an influential novel?

There are some that do read, but when they do, they just read to get the book done for a school assignment or for a book club meeting. And then they end up completely missing the point that’s hidden in the novel. Why read the book at all if that’s all you’re going to do? Who cares if you’re a little late in getting the assignment done? Take time to seriously be engaged in reading.

Nobody wants to think anymore, and that’s sad. The number of bookworms out there is growing smaller and smaller. Who needs authors when Google can think for you, right? Things can only get worse.

Don’t think of books as just boring papers with too many big words and ugly covers and weird titles. Next time you pick up a book, think of it as if you are going on a treasure hunt. You’re hunting to figure out the deeper meaning in the book. You’re hunting to gain knowledge and new insights. Your goal is to broaden your imagination. What can be more valuable than knowledge and creativity? And who takes the time to help you broaden your imagination? All of the talented authors in the world that are taken for granted, that’s who.


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