Teenage Girl

By Tatiana Hawkins


Teenage girl is a person who been through a rough journey.

She always have her ups and downs, lefts to right.

In these teenage years-I’m talking about 13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19-

that’s 7 years total!!

You’ll think it will be over, but the ride has just began.


Being a teenager girl is hard work; it’s a full time job.


Being a teenage girl is unfair.

There are limited of rules we have to follow by.


They could do almost about anything

How come boys get to do more thing than girls?

I think all teenager should be treated the same, equally.

But of course, that will never happen.


The life of a teenage girl.

We have to be worried about how we look.

We do are nail, hair and make-up for you all.

Mother nature pays us a visit.

We are very bipolar and have mixed emotions.


Teenage girl is a person who’s been through a rough journey.

She always have her ups and downs, left to rights.

In these teenage years- I’m talking about 13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19-

that’s 7 years total!!

You’ll think it will be over but the ride has just began.


Being a teenager girl is hard work. It’s a full time job.

Suspense Scene

By Nicole Musgrave


Bridgett was home alone at ten o’clock p.m. on a Friday night. It was dark inside the

house because the storm knocked out the power. The rain pounded on the rooftop so hard she

couldn’t even hear herself breathing. Loud claps of thunder broke the silence every five to ten

minutes , rattling the little things in the house. The whole house lit up like two in the afternoon

on a sunny summer day each time the lightning flashed.

She sat up in her room , reading a book by candle – light. She heard the front door open

and then close again , even over the rain , and didn’t really pay attention to it. She thought that

maybe her father was home early from work because he hurt his back again. She only shook

her head , and went back to reading her book. Only to be distracted from her book again by a

woman’s scream that sounded like it was just downstairs. She put her book down , and opened

A flash of lightning lit up the house , and a clap of thunder rattled the house as she

poked her head out of her room and looked around. It was all quiet now , and she went to the

stairs. A step or two creaked as she walked down the stairs , and she entered the kitchen.

Blood was spurted everywhere. It was on the fronts of the appliances , and smeared all over the

tops of the counters. There was a pool of blood in the middle of the floor , with a bloody drag –

mark. As she followed it with her eyes , she noticed it went to the basement door. She went

over to the door , making note of the bloodied door – knob. She wrapped her hand around the

knob and opened the door , and …


by Heidi Glynn



Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the

shoreline,no matter how many times it’s sent away. It’s kind of annoying for the shoreline,

because she might not be interested in the ocean. She constantly pushes away his advances,

but he never gets the message. He just keeps coming back to try again, kissing her with more

force and persistence. The shoreline thought he was kind of sweet at first, the way he would

slide up and say hi and give her attention, but she started feeling uncomfortable with the

constant unwanted affection.



But he never gets the message. I write it on the walls, I leave it in notes, I basically scream it

through my face and posture and dialogue with him, but he is still clueless. I love him. Maybe

not love-love, but I think he’s the coolest cat around and I want to hold his hand in public places.

And he’s still punching my shoulder and calling me “dude” while I melt into his brief touch on my

skin. I don’t say the exact words “I think I love you” because I don’t want to find out he doesn’t

feel the same way and then suddenly our great friendship is this big puddle of awkward-sauce,

but I say it in other ways. I hurt a bit more when I hear he’s hurt. I smile a bit bigger when he

says something endearing. I hold a bit longer when he hugs goodbye.



I hurt a bit more when I hear he’s hurt. I felt bad for what I did already, but now that I’ve

disappointed him I don’t know what to do with myself. An endless cycle of shame and guilt,

that’s what my life has been. Guilt is the worst feeling, I think. Sadness can be numbed and

anger diluted, but guilt– guilt eats you until there’s nothing left, and then eats some more. It only

leaves through forgetfulness.


By Lara DeVries

Sitting at home with my mom rocking me back and forth crying at the fact we are alone. I stared at the wall with all kinds of pictures and art work but I saw nothing. Everything in my mind was gone. I felt as if I was in a dream, a horrible long dream. Being surrounded by family members apologizing for my loss made no sense. Why would they be apologizing? It’s not like they did it. It’s not like anyone did it. When I went to bed it wasn’t until I woke up the next day and realized that last night actually happened, my dad actually died.

Careful What You Wish For

By Cazi Busbee


Still in diapers,

obtaining the strength of a monkey,

it climbed those prison bars to freedom.

Grin of accomplishment.

Nothing could knock it down.

Waves of sound rippling


across its dreams,

shattering its spirit.

Flash goes that smile.

That box screamed terror.

Bombs bashing in its mind.

Chattering of the picture,

Guess it should have stayed

in that prison it called his house.

sedentary at once.

Rain Makes Me Very Happy

by Britney White


Rain makes me very happy. It’s so relatable. When I feel heavy, so does the

rain. It feels with me. The pitter patter on my window helps ease me down. Rain makes

me very happy. When the sky is weeping, it helps me forget about my problems. When

the rain is scared by its sidekicks, lightning and thunder, it tends to fall even harder. It

smells like peace. It is what peace would smell like if peace had a smell. Rain makes

me very happy. It’s the Cheech to my Chong. It settles on my shoulders and splashes

on my shoes. It helps me with my flowers and helps me with my lawn. It helps me sleep

like a log when I usually can’t. Rain makes me very happy.

The giant octopus rose out of the sea like an angry, menacing balloon

By Brenna Oddy


The giant octopus rose out of the sea like an angry, menacing balloon and descended

in a stormy rage onto the small seaside town. Finally, revenge was his. The townspeople

scattered, screaming in fear as his monstrous tentacles smashed their homes and businesses.

The octopus had waited so long for this moment and he reveled in the destruction.